Unlock your LUX TX500E Programmable Thermostat

by benschmucker

I just recently locked myself out of our LUX TX500E thermostat and couldn’t figure out how to unlock it. This created a problem because it was 95 degrees outside! And we couldn’t turn our air back on… so in a frantic I searched the internet up and down until I finally found the user manual.

For those of you who locked yourself out … the combination to unlock is > NEXT, NEXT, NEXT, HOLD

After pushing that series, voila! You should be good to go.

Another thing I found out how to do is set the programs for this thermostat. It’s a little overkill but very helpful to save some money and monitor the temperature at you house. There are two programs you are able to set > Weekday (Mon-Fri) and Weekend (Sat, Sun) To set these programs up, move the dial from Run to the ‘Set Weekend Program’ (or ‘Set Weekend Program’) and you will be able to select what temperature the house should be at during that specific time. The reason I mentioned that this is a little overkill is because you have the ability to set Morning, Day, Evening, and Night for every single day. But if you just set it for Monday, I realized that it saves for all the other days which is nice. So I just went through and selected my temps for each option.

Below is a sample of what yours might look like…

Morning (8:45 AM) 72 degrees, Day (10:00 AM – if you work during the day, you could let it go for awhile) 76 degrees, Evening (4:00 PM) 70 degrees, and Night (10:00 PM) 71 degrees.

I used to think the TX500E thermostat was hard to use, but after messing with it and actually reading some instructions it is a very helpful tool for heating and cooling your house/apartment.

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